The Drive Fitness Spartan Team will be in action this Saturday 11 February at the Gold Coast 7km & 14km events. Check out our official team start times, meeting info & other details here...

We would like to get the Drive Fitness team together 30-40min before we start so we can work through a basic warm up together and migrate to the starting zone as a group. Aim to arrive 1 hour before start (9am) to give yourself 20min to park, register & bag check before meeting at 9:30am.

We will start to gather near the bag check in area - grab other Drive Fitness people as you see them until we have the whole group together. 

Start times are as follows for the two different events:

  • Drive Fitness Spring (7km) Team - 10am start
  • Drive Fitness Super (14km) Team - 10:20am start

The times are close enough together that we can get people from both groups to meet for the warm up as one big group at 9:30am.

Don't forget to bring your signed waiver, cash for bag check in and parking & your ID. Full race guide from Spartan HQ below (READ IT)...

RACER GUIDE - Gold Coast 11th February

Welcome to the first Spartan event of 2017! Only 2 sleeps before we meet in the Gold Coast hinterland to christen an amazing new venue …we’re pumped!

We hope you’ve been training, and all of us here at Spartan Australia wish you the best of luck, your only responsibility is to have a blast.

Spartan HQ

2524 Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, Numinbah Valley, QLD, 4211

Saturday 11 Feb: 
Festival Opens - 6AM
Elite Super - 7-8AM
Elite Sprint - 7-8AM
Competitive Wave - 8-9AM
Final Super Wave - 1.40PM
Final Sprint Wave - 2.00PM
Festival Closes - 5PM

Sunday 12 Feb: 
Registration - 6AM
4HR HH 7AM -11AM

Event Parking will be $10 (cash) per car, with access from Nerang Murwillumbah Rd. Follow event and parking signage and our staff will assist parking you. It is a short walk from parking to the festival village and registration. 

EFTPOS will be available at the merchandise tent. Cash will be needed for parking, bag drop and food.

Spectators can pre-register HERE. (closes midnight Friday 10th Feb) or on the day, and spectator access is 100% FREE.

Wave times will be sent out by Thursday 9 Feb, please note, start times cannot be changed once they have been allocated until the day of the race. When arriving on-site head to the registration tents where you will find a Bib Wall listing your bib number. Find your number and head to the allocated registration line with your printed waiver signed and ID so you can pick up your racer pack. 

There will be on the day registrations available for both adults and kids, so if anyone missed out before online closed, they can still race. 

HH4HR will start at 7:00AM Sunday, registration will be at 6:00AM. Finish time is 11AM

You can download and print your WAVIER HERE. Please bring the signed copy on race day to speed up your registration process. Ensure you add what event you are registered for to your wavier.

Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 finishing males, females and teams in the elite category Super.

- Stay on course. We will do everything we can to ensure clear course markings, but they can still be missed. Keep alert and look for arrows, especially after an obstacle when you have lost your directional flow. We will have an arrow after each obstacle pointing the way.
- Do your 30 burpees every time you fail an obstacle. see below for burpee form breakdown if you are not sure.
- You cannot be assisted over obstacles, male or female.
- You cannot use the ''legs" of a wall to help climb over it.
- You cannot kick a bell, hands only please

All participants who complete both the Sprint and Super races on the weekend will be entitled to receive a Spartan Race Combo Patch. Collect this from the Volunteer Tent on race day, after you have completed both distances.

You will find a number of different bands in your rego pack, it is vital that you wear ALL wristbands while racing, each is there for a reason and not wearing it may impact on your access or safety during the event.  FAILURE TO DO SO CAN RESULT IN NOT RECEIVING YOUR FINISHER MEDAL AND SHIRT.

The Junior Spartan Races will run at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 on Saturday 11th Feb. You will be emailed wave times by 5PM Thursday 9th Feb. 

The only mandatory gear is a hydration system (eg a pack) filled with minimum 1ltr fluid.

Please bring a signed waiver, it will save you time on the day. You can download your waivers here:
Racer Waiver (U15 needs to be co-signed by guardian)
Spectator Waiver

If you would like to see your results, check with our results tent at the finish line. They will also be made available on the race results page at

All gear/packs being put in bag check will be put into our medium or large bags before being handed in at bag check. This ensures faster service, no lost items and your gear stays clean and dry no matter the weather. Pricing will be 50L bag ($3). Larger items (e.g. oversized duffle bags or suitcases) will be charged at $5.

Bag check bags and bands must be purchased/picked up from the bag check tent by registration. Once your gear is in the bag and the tag has been attached you can then hand it in at bag check drop-off in the festival area.

There will be a variety of healthy food and drink stalls running throughout the day. All vendors will be operating on a cash only basis.

Become part of the Spartan Race crew. Not only will you get a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Spartan Race the epic event it is, you’ll also meet new friends, learn new skills and earn yourself free entry into any race you volunteer for or defer to a future race credit (excluding Ultra Beast).

All volunteers will get free lunch and drinks, free parking, free festival entry, and a volunteer T-shirt! SIGN UP HERE


Spartan Race sponsors have always been chosen by their relevance to OCR, their willingness to join our community not just advertise and the quality of their product. In 2016 the sponsor list and the added value they bring to you is on a whole new level.

Reebok – Our footwear and apparel partner continues to produce OCR gear we love to live in on and off course, check out the merchandise tent on Saturday to see their new range.

CocoWhip – We are what we eat, but ice cream tasted good! Now you can have it all. Cocowhip is made entirely of coconut products, so 100% good for you and 100% delicious. Make sure you try some on Saturday, it’s the bomb!

Kaiser Baas – Spartan Race delivers plenty of‘kodak moments’, and Kaiser Baas with their X150 action camera will ensure you have plenty of footage to show off post race. Waterproof, Spartan tough, we have tested this little legend and it took all we threw at it! Look out for the post race link to find out how to try one.


Your safety is our #1 priority and our medical team are the best out there. These simple rules will help keep you and others safe:
1 Follow all marshall/staff instructions.
2 NEVER jump/dive into dams, ditches or water pits, expect rocks, debris and shallows.
3 Read the line above again, this is how most serious injuries occur.
4 If you are not a confident swimmer do not attempt the swims.
5 If you are not a confident swimmer make sure you have a buddy in the mud ditches and the creek wade as there may be deep sections.
6 Never stand directly under someone climbing (rope, net, fortress, wall) if they fall both of you could be hurt.

You must complete 30 burpees every time you fail an obstacle. Every burpee must have your chest touching the ground in the push-up position followed by a vertical jump, your feet must come off the ground and your hands must clap above your head.

Marshalls have been instructed to no rep anyone whose burpees do not meet the above standards. If you are no rep’d you need to check your form and continue with your penalty. Any refusal, argument or incomplete sets of 30 may lead to disqualification.

The course will be double checked to ensure all markings are adequate, but we expect racers to keep alert and aware. If you miss a turn or end up off course you may be ineligible for prizes and a finisher time.

Three simple rules…
1 When following course making arrows, continue on that line until you reach the next directional arrow.
2 Never go under or over race tape… it is a barrier, treat it as fencing.
3 If arrows or tape are broken or knocked down, stop and take a second to figure out where to go. 

Contact Spartan staff or marshalls asap to advise of the problem so they can fix it.

LITTER ON COURSE: It is vital that you help us keep the course pristine, every water station will have bins and every obstacle marshal will have a rubbish bag. Please do not drop gel wrappers of clothing on course. Anyone spotted dropping litter on course will receive a DNF and be escorted off course, just don’t do it.




There will be no ATM and limited EFTPOS on site so we recommend you bring cash.

Spartan Race includes sections of technical trail running, natural and man-made obstacles and multiple mud and water crossings. For your safety and to enjoy tackling the course you must invest in suitable footwear.

Key elements include grip, drainage and durability. You will be climbing ropes and cargo nets, so a shoe with rope-guard features would be advisable.

You’re going to get wet and muddy so ensure you bring a good change of clothes so you can stick around in the festival area! Shirts will be on-sale at the Merchandise stall.

We recommend you apply sunblock to exposed areas 30 min before race start.


DO - Read the Racer Guide
DO - Complete all required obstacles
DO - Follow all directions from staff and volunteer crews
DO - Stay in the centre of the Cargo Nets
DO - Bring suitable needs for the race i.e. hydration & nutrition
DO - Bring your signed waiver
DO - Bring a bag for your personal belongings

DO NOT - Swim if you can’t or feel fatigued
DO NOT - Jump when entering creeks as the depth will vary
DO NOT - Leave Bags unattended. Unattended bags will be removed and disposed of
DO NOT - Leave children unaccompanied while racing or at the Kids Race
DO NOT - Bring dogs or pets into the Festival Area. Dogs are not to be left in the car park, or in vehicles. Only service animals are allowed in the Festival Area

DO - Use bins provided and help us keep the Festival Area clean
DO - Bring cash for bag check and parking

If you have friends spectating, suggest they volunteer while you’re racing and they’ll be able to cheer you on out on course as well as score a FREE Spartan Crew tee, food/drink and credits towards a future race plus earned credits are transferrable!  SIGN UP HERE!

See you all on the start line.