I hope you've been looking forward to the 4 Week Workout Series as much as I have! It's our chance as you personal training team to hit you with 4 challenging workouts - 1 each week for 4 weeks putting your strength, fitness & technique to the test. For the first time ever your personal trainers will be announcing their scores the week in advance so you can try to beat your trainer, good luck! The 2017 Drive Fitness 4 Week Workout Series starts on Monday 10 July, find out more here...

Starting Monday 10 July we will be putting together 4 challenging workouts for you to complete during your personal training sessions - 1 workout each week for 4 weeks. You can use your results as your own fitness bench mark  or you can compare your results with other participants from all Drive Fitness locations to see how you stack up. You can even compare your results to your personal trainer. 

Everyone who trains at Drive Fitness is welcome to take part in the 4 Week Workout Series. It's not about winning but about taking on new challenges, having some fun and finding interesting ways to keep training exciting. If you're interested in participating let your trainer know so we can help you prepare.

  • Workouts will require a combination of strength, fitness & technique and are deliberately designed to be challenging.
  • Workouts will include a combination of exercises that you typically encounter in your personal training sessions, your trainer will help you prepare in advance so you can complete the workouts safely.
  • Workouts are to be completed during your personal training session within the scheduled week - 1 workout each week for the 4 week period.
  • Workouts will be announced 1 week in advance of the scheduled launch date and your trainer will help you prepare. 
  • Workouts are scalable so they can be made suitable for everyone to participate - It's not just about winning - take the challenge!
  • Each workout will be scored and the scores from all 4 workouts will be combined to find 1st, 2nd & 3rd for for men and women. Medals will be awarded to the top 3.

If you would like more info about the Drive fitness 4 Week Workout Series have a chat with your trainer at your next session or give me (Dave) a call on 0402 358 127 or email dave@drivefitness.com.au.