High protein foods - what are they?

Bryce breaks the highest protein foods into groups, serving sizes and protein per serve.

  • Meats (including read meat, fish, poultry etc) - 40-50g per serve = roughly 10g of protein.
  • Eggs - 1 egg per serve = roughly 6g of protein.
  • Dairy (including milk, yogurt, cheese etc) - 200-250ml/g per serve = roughly 10g of protein.
  • Nuts - 30g per serve = roughly 6g of protein per serve.
  • Beans / Legumes - 100g per serve = 10g of protein per serve.

* Serving sizes and amount of protein per serve varies but these are very useful averages.

It's important to eat a variety of foods to achieve your protein requirements - don't get all your protein from one food group. Protein requirements can be met with a plant based diet if your food preferences require it.

If you'd like more information about meeting your protein requirements just let us know, we're here to help!