In-Depth Body Composition Analysis…

In just a few minutes using non-invasive bioelectical impedance analysis (BIA with Inbody 570) you’ll discover; total body fat in kilograms, total body fat percentage, visceral fat, total body water, segmental muscle and fat analysis, bone mineral content, basal metabolic rate & more.

Detailed & Easy to Understand Reporting.

You’ll receive a detailed report sheet outlining the results of your body composition analysis with key metrics graphed from scan to scan for easy monitoring. We’ll provide this report at the time of your scan for you to take away with you.

Interpretation & Advice by our team if required!

Our personal trainers are experts at understanding & explaining what your results mean and then prescribing personalised training programs and nutrition goals to help you achieve body composition change.

"I lost 5.7kg of body fat & gained 600g of muscle. I've also learnt so much more about what I'm eating and my nutrition & how to balance that properly and to know that it's not always good to eat less and less food, you have to feed your body the right food for the exercise that you're doing. I'm really proud of myself, my friends are proud of me, my family is proud of me and I just feel so healthy and so good about life."* - Wendy

“I lost 20kg of body fat & gained 1.3kg of muscle mass in 10 weeks and I’ve seen improvements aerobically and in my strength. I’m feeling excited about my results and looking forward to the next challenge.”* - David


“During the 10 week challenge this year, I dropped a further 2 dress sizes, shed 4.8kg of fat and gained 400g of muscle. I would highly recommend the 10 week challenge as a program to transform your health, retrain your habits and learn to make better lifestyle choices."* - Robyn

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