High intensity airdyne interval training is one of our favourites here at Drive Fitness. You don't see it done in too many other places (probably because it's hard work) but we're always on the look out for the most effective training methods to include in your workouts, hard or not! .Here are 5 reasons why we do it! 

Weight Loss

Not only can you burn more energy in less time with high intensity interval training (some studies reporting 10min of interval training burning the same amount of energy as up to 30mins of moderate intensity, continuous jogging) but you also promote a greater post workout energy expenditure. The recovery demand following a high intensity airdyne interval workout continues to burn energy for up to 48 hours after.

Whole Body Workout

The airdyne leaves no muscle group un-worked -the whole body is hurting by the end of a high intensity airdyne interval, just ask anyone who's tried it.. By using the airdyne for high intensity interval training you get an all-over workout and burn more energy by working more muscle mass.

Suitable For Everyone

High intensity airdyne interval training can be easily adjusted to suit all fitness levels by manipulating the duration & intensity of the work and rest periods. If you're just getting started with high intensity interval training you can introduce the airdyne with shorter, less intense work intervals alternating with longer periods of recovery. As your fitness improves the duration & intensity of the work intervals can be increased and recovery periods reduced. Furthermore, the airdyne is low impact making it a great option for people with joint pain or those just looking for a great workout without the constant impact. of running & skipping. 

Improved Fitness

High intensity Interval training effectively improves both aerobic & anaerobic fitness. Some studies have actually shown that regular high intensity interval training produces faster aerobic fitness results than longer duration, lower intensity workouts such as jogging for 30-60mins continuously. High intensity interval training has also been shown to preserve muscle mass more effectively than longer duration training sessions making it a great way to improve fitness & burn fat while still improving strength and toning up. 

Time Efficient

High intensity interval training gets results fast, the workouts are shorter and the results come quicker. The efficiency of interval training make it an essential component of all effective training programs, particularly for those that need to make the most of the little time they have available to train.