Thank you to Beth for sharing the following from the Weekend to End Women's Cancer 60km Walk...

The Weekend to End Women’s Cancer 60km walk was an amazing and inspiring challenge to be involved in.  While the task of walking 60km was a huge challenge the organisation, volunteers, cheer stations and all the support we received over the weekend was excellent and made every step worthwhile. The overnight camp even though in tents was almost luxurious with facials, foots spas, massages and a bar.


Walking in and around the city gives you an appreciation of how lovely Brisbane.  However our highlight was in the residential streets where fences where lined with signs of support and pink ribbons and where residents and kids come out of their homes with bowls of lollies, the hose, a drink, gifts or cheers that made you realise you were doing a great thing for a wonderful cause.   We met lots of cool characters along the way who were all walking for, in memory of or to inspire courage in people suffering women’s cancers. Our sore legs and burning feet only lasted a couple of days but it was worth every step!


In total the weekend made a huge $3.5 million for QIMR and RBWH which was an amazing feat for 1030 participants. 

Huge thanks to the Drive team for the training support and donations.   We certainly stood out on day two in our electric blue Drive shirts within the sea of pink costumes!