On Saturday 7 December Drive Fitness boot campers from Annerley, Camp Hill & Holland Park came together to take on boot camp style fitness challenges. 2 teams were randomly formed and asked to come up with their own team name. Everyone worked hard & it was a lot of fun! Check out the fitness events, photo gallery & results  below....

Event 1 - 15min Continuous Circuit 

Teams completed a circuit of dumbbell push press, kettlebell high pulls, medicine ball slams, sand bag lunges & run for 15 minutes continuously. 1 point was awarded for each time a team member completed a full round of the circuit. Team members couldn't move on the to next station until the team member in front moved forward. 

  • Team Awesome - 34
  • TTs - 35

Event 2 - Prowler Push Relay

Teams pushed the prowler in relay format while the opposing team completed 30 laps of waiters walk & farmers walk to determine the time available to score points on the prowler. Faster the opposing team completed the waiters walks & farmers walks less time the scoring team had to earn points. Every completed lap of the prowler push was worth 1 point.

  • Team Awesome - 30
  • TTs - 27

Event 3 - Timed Push Up & Sit Ups

Each team member was given a time period to accumulate as many push ups & sit ups as possible while a partner from the opposing team held them accountable to correct technique. Every rep was worth 1 point

  • Team Awesome - 759
  • TTs -738

Overall Scores

Congratulations to both teams, it was close result. A BIG congratulations to Team Awesome for just pulling out in front in the last event. 

  1. Team Awesome - 823
  2. TTs - 801