30 trail walkers from Drive Fitness meet at Silky Oaks Picnic area at Mt Cootha to tackle a fun but challenging trail walk on Sunday 28 April.

We trekked along the Powerful Owl Trail to Channel 9, then down the Kokoda Track to the Gap Creek Reserve where we stopped for a five minute rest and refuelling break. We then returned via the same tracks. It was a testing experience, made all the more challenging by log carrying, the wearing of weighted vests and push ups, pull ups and dips along the way!

Well done to everyone who came along for the trek. A special thanks to Alan, Emily and Jared for their assistance on the day. The feedback has been excellent and many requests for the next Drive fitness trail walk have already been made. 

Stay tuned to our blog, facebook & twitter for more information about Drive Fitness trail walks and other events! We look forward to seeing you at the next one and seeing our trail walking group grow.