Put your fitness to the test next Saturday 21 September!

We will be running a beep test (20m shuttle run test) for our run club session next Saturday 21 September at 7am. We will be meeting at Annerley Soccer Club on Ridge Street, Annerley. Meet us at the field next to the bowls club, it's very easy to find with easy parking along Ridge Street.

As part of the warm up before the beep test we will be having a sprint off between the trainers and for anyone else interested . The sprint will be the length of the soccer field - post to post. Talk is already heating up in the studios between the trainers so we invite everyone along to either spectate or take us on! 

The beep test is used as a physical fitness requirement for the defence force, police and fire & rescue services. Check out some of the beep test requirements below and join us on Saturday 21 September to see how you compare...

Beep Test Requirements

  • Royal Australian Navy:Male/Female  6.1 
  • Royal Australian Air force: Male/Female 6.5 
  • Australian Army: Male/Female 7.5 
  • QLD Police Service: Male 7.8, Female 6.3
  • QLD Fire & Rescue Service: Male/Female 8.7
  • Special Forces: Male/Female 10.1