Thank you to everyone for contributing to an amazing atmosphere at the 2014 Drive Fitness Dead Lift Challenge on Saturday 25 October. We had a few less lifters than previous years but you wouldn't have been able to tell from the noise being made - it was quite possibly the most supportive environment I've ever been a part of at one of our strength events. I believe our events are only a success because of the people that participate & encourage each other so thank you again for being a part of something that helps bring the best out of everyone. 

A BIG congratulations to our winner's; Dani Smith winning the women's overall with a relative score of 1.976 and biggest lift of 115kg & Greg Schandl winning the men's overall with a relative score of 2.401 and heaviest lift of 170kg. As a personal training team the main outcome we are looking for from the Dead Lift Challenge is a means to motivate you to achieve your very best - well done to everyone who achieved a personal best!

.Full men's and women's' results in PDF format here....