Every December at Drive Fitness your personal training team puts together the hardest workout of the year - the 12 Exercises Of Christmas Workout. It always includes 12 exercises that have to be completed in order but the rep scheme and exercises change from year to year. Your goal - to get as far as possible in 25 minutes. Just another Christmas present from us to you. 

The 2014 12 Exercises of Christmas Workout has been finalised and will be up on whiteboards at all Drive Fitness personal training studios this week. Check it out, have a practice of the exercises & get ready to take the challenge in December! We would like to encourage everyone of all fitness levels to 'enjoy' the workout. Giving it a go is a great achievement and provides a measuring point to look back on next year, getting the furthest at your personal training studio is an amazing effort but being the winner Drive Fitness wide gives you a full year of bragging rights. 

We don't just put you through the workout - us, your personal trainers, take the challenge too. We are all taking it on during the last week of November to give you a target to beat! Have fun.