Our second (& last)  Beep Test for 2014 will be held on Saturday 13 September  7am @ Ridge Street, Annerley (on the soccer field next to the bowls club). This is the weekend following the Bridge to Brisbane so we should all be at our absolute fittest & ready to smash a personal best beep test score! Come along and put your fitness to the test! 

The beep test is a great way to monitor your fitness improvements. We do 2 beep tests every year so you can track your results. Click here to see the results from our last beep test (February 2014). Click here to check out a video of our last beep test and see how the beep test works.

The beep test is used as a physical fitness requirement for the defence force, police and fire & rescue services. Check out some of the beep test requirements below and join us on Saturday 13 September to see how you compare.

Beep Test Requirements

  • Royal Australian Navy:Male/Female  6.1 
  • Royal Australian Air force: Male/Female 6.5 
  • Australian Army: Male/Female 7.5 
  • QLD Police Service: Male 7.8, Female 6.3
  • QLD Fire & Rescue Service: Male/Female 8.7
  • Special Forces: Male/Female 10.1