The dead lift is widely considered to be one of the best 'all round' exercises. In a lot of people's opinion (including mine) it's the 'king of all lifts' and can safely & effectively contribute to both strength & fitness training programs if performed correctly. Check out these 5 reasons why you should dead lift...

Muscular Strength, Power & Endurance

The dead lift is one of the best exercises for developing the muscles of the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, lower back). By varying rep range, number of sets, weight & speed the dead lift can be used to target strength, power and endurance. The muscles of the posterior chain are particularly important for sport & training performance, injury prevention and posture. 

Weight Control

The dead lift recruits the large muscles in the legs and back and as a result demands a lot of energy. Weight loss requires that more energy is used than consumed and compound weight training exercises (like the dead lift) contribute significantly to total energy expenditure - helping to control/lose weight.

Core Strength & Stability

The dead lift engages the core muscles & effectively develops core strength and stability. No other movement emphasises correct dynamic posture under load quite like the dead lift.  A strong & stable core is important for injury prevention, balance, maintaining correct posture & controlling weight transfer during daily activities, training and sport.

Cardiovascular Fitness

The dead lift and other compound exercises (those that use multiple large muscle groups) are extremely demanding on the cardiovascular system when performed with high reps or in continuous combination with other exercises (circuit training). This makes circuit training using the dead lift a great cardiovascular fitness training alternative to running, cycling or rowing. 

Real Life Application

The dead lift has a very obvious functional application to every day activities. Dead lifting develops the strength & technique required to lift things from the ground safely.


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