This July we will be launching the first ever Drive Fitness 4 Week Workout Series. We will be putting together 4 tough workouts to be done 1 each week for 4 weeks starting Monday 6 July through to Saturday 1 August. Find out more here...

  • Workouts will require a combination of strength, fitness & technique and will be made deliberately challenging.
  • Workouts will include a combination of exercises that you typically encounter in your personal training sessions.
  • Workouts are to be completed during your personal training session within the scheduled week. 
  • Workouts will be announced 1 week in advance of the scheduled start date and your trainer will help you prepare. 
  • Workouts will be scored and the scores from all 4 workouts will be combined to find an over all winner for lady and men categories.

Everyone who trains at Drive Fitness is welcome to take part in the 4 Week Workout Series. It's not about winning but about taking on new challenges and finding new ways to keep training fun & different. If you're interested in getting involved let your trainer know and we'll help you start preparing.