The 4 Week Workout Series starts next week on Monday 6 July. If you're interested in taking the challenge let your trainer know and start preparing. Check out the first workout here...

Workout 1 - 15 Minutes As Many Reps As Possible

Increase reps by 3 each round, 50 skips at the end of every round. Your score is the total number of reps completed in 15 minutes. Skipping doesn't contribute to your score but is required before moving on to the next round. . 

  • 3 Kettebell Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls (24kg Men | 16kg Women)
  • 3 Hand Release Push Ups (toes Men | knees Women)
  • 3 Over Head Back Lunges (10kg Men | 5kg Women)
  • 3 Anchored Sit Ups (touching tips of toes)
  • 50 Skips

How Are Overall Scores Calculated For The 4 Week Workout Series

At the end of the week when everyone has completed the workout your place will become your score ie 1 point for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and so on. Tied scores will receive the same place, missed workouts will be scored 0 and placing last (highest place). At the end of the 4 weeks your 4 scores for each of the 4 workouts will be added together to get your overall score. The lowest score wins.

Find Out More About The 4 Week Workout Series

  • Workouts are intended to be suitable for everyone to participate - take the challenge and have some fun with it!
  • Workouts will require a combination of strength, fitness & technique and are designed to be deliberately challenging.
  • Workouts will include a combination of exercises that you typically encounter in your personal training sessions.
  • Workouts are to be completed during your personal training session within the scheduled week - 1 workout a week for 4 weeks.
  • Workouts will be announced 1 week in advance of the scheduled launch date and your trainer will help you prepare for the upcoming exercises. 
  • Workouts will be scored and the scores from all 4 workouts will be combined to find an over all winner for women and men categories.