Do you have a friend who's been putting off exercise? Would you like to help them get started at Drive Fitness? 

You can help a friend get started at Drive Fitness in May by giving them 2 personal training sessions & 2 weeks' of unlimited boot camp completely FREE. Simply refer them to Drive Fitness during May 2016 and they'll instantly receive these free training sessions.

We know you don't want anything out of it but we'd like to thank you anyway with a FREE Drive Fitness t-shirt, singlet, visor or water bottle - your choice. 

Here's how you can help a friend get started at Drive Fitness:

  1. Tell them to give me (Dave) a call on 0402 358 127 or email sure your friend mentions you referred them.
  2. I'll get them started with 2 FREE personal training sessions & 2 FREE weeks' of unlimited boot camp.
  3. Your trainer will give you a FREE Drive Fitness t-shirt, singlet, visor or water bottle at your next training session as a thank you from us for recommending Drive Fitness!

If you have any questions about Helping a Friend Get Started please feel welcome to contact me; 0402 358 127 or