My goal - Cairns Ironman, June 2017. Nathan Dietrich, Drive Fitness Carina Studio Manager & Personal Trainer, shares his training program leading up to the Cairns Ironman next year...

After trekking the Himalayas a few years ago I needed a new challenge to motivate my training. With a ten year plus hiatus from triathlon I decided to float the idea of completing an Ironman triathlon for my 40th birthday by my wife. After some discussion regarding logistics relating to training timetables and financials she willing gave me the green light and offered the support I needed  (such an understanding wife).

The Ironman (I.M) consists of a 3.8km Swim, 180Km Cycle and finishes with a marathon (42.2km run) - the most famous being The Hawaiian Ironman held in Kona in early October each year. My training groundwork 'unofficially' began a couple years ago with a few half marathons, mini triathlons and a full marathon at the Gold Coast in July this year. Now, here I am, 11 months out and phase 1 of official I.M training about to start.

Over the the next 11 months I will share my training program and hopefully deliver some great news at the start of June 2017 involving me completing the Ironman! Phase 1 training program below...


  • Run 20km (500m/ 250mt) intervals 
  • Resistance & mobility training (Strength Endurance) - Time under tension for Upper Back, Chest, Shoulders and Core


  • Cycle 80-100km include 10x 3min intervals


  • Swim 1.9km time trial,  (plus- stoke correction to 2.2 - 3.2km) (build to 4km over time add 200mts each fortnight)
  • Run 3-5km time trial
  • Resistance & Mobility Training (Strength Endurance) for Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings, Lower back and abs.


  • Cycle 140-180km


  • Run 25-35km


  • Run 3-5km time trial


  • Yoga with Emmy