I'm attempting to try something new this year - I've committed to running a marathon and I'm aiming to complete it in under 3 hours and 50min. This is very different from my typical training goals that have been very strength focused for some time now and I know in order to successfully achieve this I need the right motivation. I'm still 17 weeks from race day and a long way from claiming any sort of success but I'm laying down some mindset groundwork early and I thought I'd share the process with you. Here are 3 motivational strategies that I'm always asking my clients to apply but now it's my turn to put it into practice (you can use these too)...

1. Make it important

I need a really good reason for doing something that takes a lot of time & effort particularly if it's going to be uncomfortable or even painful occasionally. If I don't have a compelling reason for doing it I'll simply find something more comfortable & easier to do - I assume this is the same for most people?!? In order to have a reason strong enough to motivate me through the entire training program and race day I had to understand why doing a marathon was truely important to me (or if it even was). After some thought I came to the conclusion that it's a personal challenge that I'd like to test myself with. I'd like to know if I can go from a heavily strength based training program over the last 10 + years and achieve something significant in a completely different area of fitness. Without a compelling reason for wanting to achieve your goal you'll never achieve it - always ask yourself why you want it & if the reason is truely important you'll take action. 

2. Get MASSIVE accountability

I know that I need more than just accountability from my wife to see this goal followed through to the end - I need massive accountability and I've made sure I've got it. I've made my intentions of running the marathon clear to my family, work colleagues, clients any now everyone else (you) and I expect to be held accountable for the things I say. Tell more people, in more places, more details about your goal and you'll receive greater accountability.

3. Find positive proximity 

We've heard it before & it makes perfect sense - surround yourself with the people you want to be more like and you'll become more like them. I've made sure that I'm frequently meeting with a group of Drive Fitness runners that share the same or very similar goal to me and I've connected with people who have already achieved what I want to achieve. If the majority of your time is spent with people who don't share or support your goal you'll be pulled away from achieving it - if you find positive proximity more often from people who share or support your goal you'll be pushed towards succeeding.

With 17 weeks of marathon training ahead of me I'm certain there'll be motivation challenges along the way. Motivation is dynamic & there's not a one size fits all approach but a compelling reason for wanting to achieve, massive accountability & positive proximity are absolute requirements for successfully achieving any & all fitness goals. If you'd like help getting these things in order for your goals send me an email and in the meantime hold me accountable

David Eggins | Personal Trainer at Drive Fitness in Brisbane | dave@drivefitness.com.au.