Put your fitness to the test on Saturday 5 August @ the Drive Fitness Beep Testing - all fitness levels welcome. The beep test is used as a physical fitness requirement for the defence force, police and fire & rescue services. Check out some of these beep test requirements here and find out if you can make the cut...

Meet us at 6am on Ridge Street, Annerley at the field next to the Greenslopes Bowls Club, it's very easy to find with plenty of easy parking..

Beep Test Requirements

  • Royal Australian Navy:Male/Female  6.1 
  • Royal Australian Air force: Male/Female 6.5 
  • Australian Army: Male/Female 7.5 
  • QLD Police Service: Male 7.8, Female 6.3
  • QLD Fire & Rescue Service: Male/Female 8.7
  • Special Forces: Male/Female 10.1