I felt immediate results with my mental health especially - I manage my depression & anxiety much better, I feel like I’m more in tune on my day to day basis and I sleep much better as well. Drive Fitness is a small space, it’s much more personal and you don’t really have to wait around - they set everything up to your personal needs. They really keep an eye on you very closely & every time I have questions they’re always ready to answer it. It’s great - I think it’s very rare.
— Jasper


"I dropped 11.6kg over a 10 week period. I'm going to try and lose another 5kg over the next couple months and I've already signed up to compete in the Brisbane to Bridge 5km run in August."* - Darren


"I lost 5.7kg of body fat & gained 600g of muscle. I've also learnt so much more about what I'm eating and my nutrition & how to balance that properly and to know that it's not always good to eat less and less food, you have to feed your body the right food for the exercise that you're doing. I'm really proud of myself, my friends are proud of me, my family is proud of me and I just feel so healthy and so good about life."* - Wendy