Women & resistance training: benefits & myths

Kate looks at the benefits of resistance training and addresses a common concern among women; will you get bulky muscles from including resistance training in your exercise program? Check out the video here…

There are number of great benefits for both men and women from including resistance training in your exercise program. These include;
1. Maintaining bone density.
2. Increasing metabolic rate & energy expenditure to assist with weight control. 
3. Increasing and maintaining muscular strength to help perform daily tasks efficiently and safely, to improve posture & reduce the risk of injury.
4. Adding variety to an exercise program to help with motivation.

A common myth of resistance training and concern particularly among women is that resistance training will result in large bulky muscles. In most cases 1-3 resistance training sessions per week that focus on general strength will not provide the training stimulus required to build a large amount of muscle mass & typically (in most cases) women do not have high enough testosterone levels to support this.

Don’t let this myth of resistance training stop you from getting the great benefits! If you’d like help with a resistance training program personalised for you and your goals we'd love to help - get in touch with us anytime.