Alex Forbes

Personal Trainer


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Personal Training

  • First Aid & CPR 


  • Experience instructing high intensity interval training (HIIT), fitness boxing and circuit training sessions for large groups.

  • Enjoys a hybrid mix of calisthenics and strength training. 

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What Are Alex’s Clients Saying?


“During the 10 week challenge this year, I dropped a further 2 dress sizes, shed 4.8kg of fat and gained 400g of muscle. I would highly recommend the 10 week challenge as a program to transform your health, retrain your habits and learn to make better lifestyle choices."* - Robyn


"I lost 6.4kg of fat, decreased my body fat percentage by 4.4%, increased my muscle mass & lost 7cm from my mid section. In the end i achieved more than I had set out to and made some lifestyle changes along the way that I'll definitely stick to."* - Erica


“I am so excited that I lost 6kg during the Drive Fitness 10 Week Transformation Challenge. I had to buy new clothes as mine don't fit anymore, the best feeling.”* - Tania