Michael Willoughby | Jindalee Studio Manager

“Interested in helping people get fit & strong and involved in exercise related events to help reach there desired goals.”

Hannah Mossman | Personal Trainer

“Interested in helping clients with injury rehabilitation & prevention and passionate about exercise prescription for the management of mental health.”

Josh Rands | Mt Gravatt Studio Manager

“Experience & interest in strength & conditioning, rehabilitation, injury prevention and sports specific programs.”

Bryce Beaumont | Personal Trainer

“Specialises in helping people reshape their body - losing weight and building muscle.“


Sally Cook | Personal Trainer

“Interested in helping my clients learn to move correctly and efficiently to achieve their health & fitness goals.”

Carsten Gruis | Graceville Studio Manager

“Passionate about guiding people on their fitness journey whether it's getting started for the first time, returning after a break or taking the intensity to the next level.”

Jesse McKie | Personal Trainer

“Highly technical strength and conditioning training with an emphasis on longevity - an approach formed from principles of strength, endurance, mobility & general movement practice”

Brodie Gwynne | Personal Trainer

“Focused on improving strength and fitness of my clients to achieve an overall better quality of life.”


Nathan Dietrich | Carina Studio Manager

“Appreciate & understand the mentality and commitment required for my clients to achieve their health, fitness & weight control goals.”

Kerem Demir | Personal Trainer

“Passionate about bringing health, strength & happiness to my clients through exercise and a healthier lifestyle.”

Chloe Ogilvie | Personal Trainer

“Believe in creating a comfortable & supportive training environment where my clients can feel confident and empowered to achieve their full potential.”

David Brace | Personal Trainer

“Dedicated to working closely with each client individually to find the right exercises and training program for their injury or medical concerns.”


Jared King | Personal Trainer

“Specialises in helping clients lose weight, reshape, feel better and improve their lifestyles.”

Alex Forbes | Personal Trainer

“Enjoys a hybrid mix of calisthenics and strength training.”

Lisa Eggins | Owner

“Specialises in mobility, core strength & stability training for soon to be and new mothers.”

David Eggins | Owner

“Interested in helping people get fit, strong and injury free & stay that way forever!”