Tough Mudder is Tomorrow. I hope you're ready! We have green flagging tape for all Drive Fitness team members to tie to a wrist, ankle or both to make it easy for team members to recognise each other. We will be passing it around at the start line from 9:10am. A few reminders below:

  • Our official start time is 9:30am on Saturday 17 August & our team name is Drive Fitness Tough Mudders.
  • Read the information packet for all event details and don't forget to print, complete and bring your participant waiver
  • We will meet as one big group at the start line at 9:10am but if you bump into other Drive Fitness Tough Mudders along the way stick together.
  • Get your Drive Fitness team tape to tie to an ankle, wrist or both at the start line - we will be passing it around. 
  • Don't forget $5 for the baggage area. 
  • Remember to allow time for travel, traffic, parking, walking to the start line (20 minutes), registering & dropping off bags.