We are getting very close now... tough mudder team boot camps finish this Saturday, obstacle training is out of the way and the Drive Fitness team entry is closed. We are 42 tough mudders strong and we are very well prepared! 

On the day we will gather as one big group before race start and then form smaller teams based on your expected/preferred speed on the day: fast, medium or slow. Please start thinking about what group would be most suitable for you - keep in mind we want to help every Drive Fitness team member to the finish line! We will confirm a meeting time as soon as tough mudder has officially released starting times. 

Double check your registration is completed & paid. You can do this through the tough mudder website by requesting a re-send of your confirmation email.

Please regularly follow our blog for team updates and keep a close eye on your inbox for info direct from tough mudder  over the coming 2 weeks to be sure not to miss anything.