A BIG congratulations to all Drive Fitness Bridge to Brisbane team members who completed the 10km on Sunday 1 September. It was a great morning with some fantastic results including a handful of well deserved personal best 10km times and for others the great achievement of completing 10km for the very first time. Click here for full results of the Drive Fitness Bridge to Brisbane team. Thanks to all team members for supporting each other and making the event memorable. We look forward to an even bigger Bridge to Brisbane team next year! 

BUT...with the Bridge to Brisbane (& Tough Mudder) now out of the way for 2013 it's time to re-focus on new challenges. I would like to introduce the idea of a Drive Fitness half marathon team (21km) aiming for the Gold Coast event next year (July) for those of us interested in stretching the running a bit further. I would also like to suggest the Kokoda Grunt obstacle course for those looking for something different and earlier in the year (March). Just remember, sometimes new ideas don't always sound good the first time you hear them - just let the thought sit with you for a while and I'll ask you again soon :-) Just a few things to think about moving forward... in the more immediate future we have a beep test, dead lift challenge & team rowing event to keep you going. 


Set new goals (or re-set old ones if you didn't achieve them) & keep up the great training! Run Club continues every Saturday morning meeting 7am at Drive Fitness Tarragindi.