8 weeks to go until the Drive Fitness team takes on the Brisbane Spartan Race on the 8 March. Join us as we tackle over 7 km of hills, creeks and gullies and 15+ obstacles designed to challenge your strength, speed and agility.

Those that succeed will face the Spartan Gladiators at the final turn.Not all will finish, those that cross the finish line will earn a Spartan Sprint Finisher medal and the right to call themselves Spartan.

Join our team today! Registration instructions below...

Registration Instructions

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Click 'sign up'
  3. Click 'join a team'
  4. Select 'Drive Fitness' from the drop down box
  5. Enter the password 'drivefitness' (all lower case, no spaces)
  6. Complete registration and payment