Do you have health & fitness goals that are important to you but pushed to the side just because it's December? I hope not! If you're thinking about abandoning your health & fitness goals during December I want you to ask yourself these 5 questions right now...

1. If it was the start of January would you feel the same way?

Imagine for a moment that instead of the start of December it was actually the start of January - would you still be prioritising your health & fitness the same way? You don't need a fresh start at the beginning of the new year to focus on something that you already know is important. Start today. Decide that December is the new January and don't wait until tomorrow (or next month)! 

2. Is everything else really more important than your health & fitness?

Take a moment to remind yourself of how important your heath & fitness goals are to you and focus on why you set your goals in the first place. Are all the other distractions with work, gift shopping, functions etc really so important that your health & fitness should be discarded? I doubt it. Keep your priorities in order and don't forget the significance of your health & fitness goals. 

3. Can you afford to not focus on your health & fitness for a whole month?

Can you really afford to just take a 'planned & accepted' one-twelfth of the year off from prioritising your health & fitness? We're not talking about the occasional 1 week when you're unwell or the few days when something of absolute urgency occurs - these things happen & they're out of your control. Planning to fail or accepting defeat for 1/12 of the year however is a completely different matter, it's simply too much time lost from focusing on something so important given the time you already lose throughout the year due to unexpected and uncontrollable events. Don't take a 1 month hiatus from prioritising your health & fitness goals - you simply can't afford it.

4. Are you just accepting that everyone feels burnt out & tired at this time of year?

Do you have people around you complaining that they're tired & burnt out with no energy to eat well or exercise? Don't listen to it and more importantly don't believe it - giving these limiting beliefs any chance to manifest will only drain your energy & focus. While they're complaining, you're training. If your health & fitness is truely important to you (and it should be), you will find the energy to prioritise it amongst the busy-ness of December. 

5. Are you satisfied with being the same as you are now (or worse) at the start of next year?

Think ahead one month to the start of next year - will you be satisfied with yourself if your health & fitness hasn't improved or has gotten worse? Of course not. Don't be satisfied with making no progress towards achieving your goals until January. Make December count.  Find the motivation to prioritise your health & fitness this December so you start January better than you are right now.

I know December presents some unique challengers for maintaining focus on your health & fitness goals. Don't let these things stand in your way - set yourself up with a head start on the first of January by making December the best month of this year instead of the worst.

David Eggins | Personal Trainer at Drive Fitness in Brisbane |