We've been enjoying some fantastic conditions for outdoor fitness over the last month or 2, it's been great! Check out the last boot camp update for 2017 here and full boot camp timetable...

  • Boot camp sessions continue right through the Christmas & New Year's period with very minor interruptions for public holidays. All cancellations/changes have already been made within your Drive Fitness account and visible on your live boot camp schedule when logged in.
  • Annerley boot camp Saturday session has permanently moved to 6am from 7am & Graceville run club has permanently moved to 6am from 6:30am.
  • If you're a boot camper who loves to run, why don't you join our running club on STRAVA? It connects Drive Fitness runners together so we can share running club routes and activities. Find out more here...
  •  Have you got great results from Drive Fitness boot camp this year and would like to invite a friend along to experience it? Click here to invite them to start the 21 Day Jump Start Special and help them get great results too...


  • 5:30am Camp Hill - Fitness Boxing
  • 5:30am Graceville - HIIT
  • 6pm Holland Park - Fitness Boxing


  • 5:30am Holland Park - HITT
  • 5:30am Annerley - Circuit Training
  • 5:30am Hawthorne - HIIT 
  • 5:30am Jindalee - Circuit Training
  • 6pm Camp Hill - Circuit Training
  • 6pm Graceville - Circuit Training


  • 5:30am Camp Hill -  Circuit Training
  • 5:30am Graceville -  Circuit Training
  • 6pm Holland Park -  Circuit Training


  • 5:30am Holland Park - Fitness Boxing
  • 5:30am Annerley - HIIT
  • 5:30am Hawthorne - Fitness Boxing 
  • 5:30am Jindalee - HIIT
  • 6pm Camp Hill - Fitness Boxing
  • 6pm Graceville - Fitness Boxing


  • 5:30am Camp Hill -  HIIT
  • 5:30am Graceville -  Fitness Boxing


  • 6am Annerley - Fitness Boxing
  • 6am Holland Park - Circuit Training
  • 6am Hawthorne - Circuit Training
  • 6am Jindalee - Fitness Boxing
  • 6am Tarragindi Studio - Run Club
  • 6am Graceville Studio - Run Club

Log in to your Drive Fitness account to see the up to date schedule including any Christmas & New Year's holiday changes.