Hi Everyone, David from Drive Fitness here just coming at you less formally than normal with my 6 Drive Fitness highlights from 2016. I'm getting ready to take 3 weeks away from training my personal clients over Christmas which has made me take a moment to reflect on the last 12 months at Drive Fitness & how great it's been, here's 6 reasons why...

1. Paperless - finally

Throughout 2015 my team had to listen to me say at every oppurtunty how I wanted a 'paperless Drive Fitness' in 2016. In 2015 we were still using paper for our sign up process, recording and monitoring goals & signing off personal training sessions. Come the end of 2016 and we have no systems at Drive Fitness that rely on paper - we've even created digital downloads for all our client resources. This is one of my biggest Drive Fitness highlights of all time, not just of 2016.

2. Opening Jindalee personal training studio

There's really nothing quite as exciting for me as opening a new personal training studio & the possibilities that come with that. It allows us to extend our reach into new areas, grow our team to include more great personal trainers each with their own unique abilities & ultimately help more clients achieve their goals - what could be better than all of that? 

3. Enter Bulgarian Bags

The Bulgarian bags first made an appearance at the Tarragindi & Jindalee personal training studios in June and since then have become a staple of my personal training sessions. I've thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and see other personal trainers vary their programming with a new training tool. My clients have so kindly been patient with me despite my overbearing excitement for the Bulgarian bag being slow to fade. My plan is to have Bulgarian bags at all Drive Fitness personal training studios by January 2017 so everyone can enjoy them as much as I do! 

4. Amazing Results

Seeing so many health & fitness goals achieved in 2016 was amazing - from weight loss to max strength, rehabilitating injury to ultra endurance running & everything in between. As a personal trainer and part of the Drive Fitness personal training team it's genuinely exciting to be involved in the journey with our clients and reaching goals together is an extremely satisfying experience. 

5. New trainers Joining The Team

In 2016 I truely embraced the positives that come with having new trainers join the team. Losing key staff from key roles is always upsetting & difficult for me, the other team members & clients but the new trainers that joined us this year have made an outstanding contribution in a relatively short period of time. This year has helped me change my mindset to appreciate the new opportunities created by having new trainers join us.

6. Fitness events bringing us all together

Every Drive Fitness event in 2016 was a highlight for me - Spartan Race, Team Rowing Challenge, Gold Coast Running Festival, Bench Press Challenge, 4 Week Workout Series, Bridge to Brisbane, Dead Lift Challenge... did I miss anything? The opportunity it gives us to support each other, achieve something significant & possibly inspire others is amazing. Seeing our community coming together for these events is a highlight for me and I hope it's been a highlight of your training this year too. 

Thank you for another great year everyone, it's been my absolute pleasure & privilege to share it with you. I'm looking forward to new highlights in 2017 already! If you've got a highlight from training at Drive Fitness this year I'd love to hear it. Send me an email or leave me a comment and let me know.

David Eggins | Personal Trainer & Owner at Drive Fitness | dave@drivefitness.com.au