The 'CRAZY' Drive Fitness Push Up Program requires you to do push ups every day for 3 weeks! It's open to all Drive Fitness personal training clients for FREE through the Drive Fitness OPT app available in the Apple & Android App store. Find out more and register for the program here...

Do you want to...

  1. Increase the number of push ups you can do in a row? 
  2. Build a habit of exercising everyday?
  3. Improve your chest, shoulder and arm strength?
  4. Tone your up body?
  5. Take on a new challenge?
  6. Get some extra training in for the upcoming Drive Fitness Bench Press Challenge?

The 'CRAZY' Drive Fitness Push Up Program is delivered entirely online directly to you through the Drive Fitness OPT (online personal training) platform - accessible on your mobile device or computer. 

From Monday 17 April your 'everyday' push up program will be visible on your app and ready to follow for 3 weeks. It can be done in addition to any existing personal training and boot camp training sessions in your own time. 

  • Max push up test at start and finish so you can see your results!
  • Push up workout to complete every day for 3 weeks taking no longer than 5 minutes (YES, you have to do it everyday!).
  • Completely scalable for your current level of push up ability with the option of push ups on the knees or toes.
  • FREE for Drive Fitness personal training clients.

If you're not an existing Drive Fitness personal training client but would like to take the 'CRAZY' Push Up Challenge please contact me (Dave) on 0402 358 127 or email


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