Congratulations to all of our Drive Fitness 10 Week Transformation Challengers. We've seen some amazing results from the 10 week period and it's all due to your hard work. The collective results of the challenge far exceeded our expectations. For some people their final goal has been achieved while for others this is just the start of a longer journey. In either case, it's important now that everyone finds the next motivator to keep them moving forward or maintaining. Checkout the results of our Challenge Winner and our 3 honourable mentions here...

Our intention of running this challenge was not to single out a winner but to provide a powerful motivator to help you take action with your health & fitness goals. We hope that everyone has taken something positive away from the last 10 weeks and we look forward to helping you continue on from this point. That being said, we also love to acknowledge great achievements; congratulations to David Oldham who lost an enormous 20.1kg of body fat while also gaining 1.3kg of muscle mass! You are the winner of our 10 Week Transformation Challenge and an Apple Watch Series 2. 

Our 10 Week Transformation Challenge focused on body composition change, not just weight loss on the scales. To determine a winner we were looking at the overall picture of muscle mass gain or maintenance as well as body fat loss & control. It was hard to pick only 3 honourable mentions out of so many great results but we'd also like to congratulate Scott McDonald, Darren Blin & Peter Boyce for their amazing results with an honourable mention. 

WINNER: David Oldham

  • Weight Loss: 18kg
  • Fat Loss: 20.1kg
  • % Fat Loss: 10.9%
  • Muscle Gain: 1.3kg

Honourable Mention: Scott McDonald

  • Weight Loss: 14.9kg
  • Fat Loss: 12.9kg
  • % Fat Loss: 10.3%
  • Muscle Gain: -0.8kg

Honourable Mention: Darren Blin

  • Weight Loss: 11.6kg
  • Fat Loss: 9.1kg
  • % Fat Loss: 6.7%
  • Muscle Gain: -1.6kg

Honourable Mention: Peter Boyce

  • Weight Loss: 10.1kg
  • Fat Loss: 7.3kg
  • % Fat Loss: 6%
  • Muscle Gain: -1.7kg


We intend on having a second 10 Week Transformation Challenge later in the year starting around August/September. This will create the opportunity for everyone to get 4 body scans in the year spread fairly evenly - we intend for quarterly body composition scanning to remain a fixture of the Drive Fitness annual schedule for those that have found measuring their progress this way beneficial. More info about our next 10 Week Transformation Challenge will be made available closer to the date - we already have a few ideas about how we can improve that we'll share with you soon. If you have feedback about our challenge that you'd like to share please email me here.

What's Next?

It's time to find the next challenge to keep you going; how about our bench press challenge, crazy push up program or Gold Coast Running Festival? There's more to come, stay tuned!

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