I lost 20kg of body fat & gained 1.3kg of muscle mass in 10 weeks and I’ve seen improvements aerobically and in my strength. I’m feeling excited about my results and looking forward to the next challenge.
— David

*Results story following first Transformation Challenge 2017 >

I lost 18kg of weight, lost 20kg of body fat and gained 1.3kg in muscle mass in 10 weeks.

My personal trainer helped me with accountability, challenging workouts and positive reinforcement. The Drive Fitness app and online support helped me to set up successful home routines.

I'm feeling excited about my results and I'm looking forward to the next challenge. I'm happy to have my enjoyment of life back.

The highlight of my training so far has been seeing my improvements aerobically as well as in my strength. Pushing the sled would have to be one of my personal exercise favourites.

Make the decision, set a goal and Drive Fitness will help you make it happen. Thanks so much Jacob and the rest of the personal training team.


“I originally came to Drive Fitness to improve my strength, for weight loss & for my self confidence. This has now grown into me completing obstacle, course races, long distance running & the Drive Fitness strength challenges. My greatest achievements at Drive Fitness are losing 10kg, going from a size 36 to 32 inch waist and completing trifecta spartan races.”* - Peter


“Not only have I surpassed my original goal and lost 6.3 kilos (8.4% body fat) but I can now run 5km, do 15 consecutive push-ups and I can even do 2 chin-ups unassisted!”* - Brooke