Congratulations to all our awesome 10 Week Transformation Challenge participants for your big effort over the last 10 weeks and amazing results - we are amazed at what’s been achieved by everyone!

Deciding on a winner from so many great results is such an incredibly difficult task and we would like to remind everyone that it's about your personal journey and not about winning the challenge. Our intention of running the 10 Week Transformation Challenge is not just to acknowledge our winners but to provide a powerful motivator to help you take action with your health & fitness goals. With that said It's now time to announce our male & female winner for the second (and final) 10 Week Transformation Challenge of 2018.... 

Our 10 Week Transformation Challenge focuses on total body composition change, not just weight loss in kilograms. To determine a male & female winner we look at muscle mass, fat mass, % body fat and circumferences and then make the very hard decision of selecting our winners.

Congratulations to Robyn Taggart from Drive Fitness Jindalee & Dean totterman from Drive Fitness Mt Gravatt - you are the winners of our 10 Week Transformation Challenge!


FEMALE WINNER: Robyn Taggart

  • Weight Loss: 7.4kg

  • Fat Loss: 7.8kg

  • % Fat Loss: 9%

  • Muscle Gain: 0.5kg


MALE WINNER: Dean Totterman

  • Weight Loss: 3.5kg

  • Fat Loss: 6.1kg

  • % Fat Loss: 7.6%

  • Muscle Gain: 1.6kg

Female Honourable Mention: Wendy Dwyer

  • Weight Loss: 4.3kg

  • Fat Loss: 5.7kg

  • % Fat Loss: 8.3%

  • Muscle Gain: 0.6kg

Male Honourable Mention: David Oldham

  • Weight Loss: 21.3kg

  • Fat Loss: 15.8kg

  • % Fat Loss: 10.7%

  • Muscle Gain: -3.2kg

Thank you for being a part of our 10 Week Transformation Challenge! We hope that everyone has taken something positive away from the last 10 weeks and we look forward to helping you find YOUR next challenge to continue the journey! 

We would love to share your story to help inspire others. If you'd like to share the story of your great results from the challenge please click here (it only takes a couple minutes)....