With only 1 day remaining in 2018 and my enthusiasm to return to work after 2 weeks on holidays growing there’s no better time than right now to reflect on the last 12 months at Drive Fitness. It’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to put together a list of my yearly Drive Fitness highlights and here they are in no specific order…

1. Your Results Spotlights

This year we set out with a goal to share the results of our clients as much as possible with results spotlights, both written and video. it was a real highlight for me receiving them from our clients and I enjoyed reading & watching every single one of them. Thank you to everyone who shared their results with us this year and allowed us to share your story with the entire Drive Fitness Community. You can check out the results spotlights here.

2. The Trainers Handball Tournament

For a Drive Fitness first the personal training team got together for a social (but always turning competitive) game of foursquare schoolyard handball! It’s always fun getting the team together but this was on a whole new level - I think we’ve established a regular addition to the trainer’s social calendar. A champion was crowned (Carsten), dark horses to watch for next year were established (Alex, Lisa, Sally) while others still need a lot of practice before next year’s competition (I won’t mention names other than mine). It’s a privilege working with amazing people and this event highlighted that for me.

3. Ending Single Use Plastic Bottle Sales

We finished up with the sale of drinks & single use plastic bottles at Drive Fitness this year and replaced with filtered water coolers in our studios. it’s a highlight for us to be making positive moves consistent with our business and personal values.

4. The Return Of The Team Rowing Challenge

The Team Rowing Challenge had been a popular fixture of the Drive Fitness event calendar for 4 years before it was dropped in 2017. It was missed so much that our clients demanded its return (right?!?). We had many great events in 2018 including the Bench Press Challenge, Gold Coast Marathon, 4 Week Workout Series & the list goes on but the Team Rowing Challenge stands out as my highlight due to the electric atmosphere & deafening screams of support from team members and spectators. Thank you to all our clients who participated in our events this year, it’s your involvement and support for each other that makes these events special.

5. The Arrival Of Our New BikeERGs

I love getting new equipment to play with and so do our clients! The new Concept2 BikeERG is an awesome addition to our studios and it featured heavily throughout the year with a 1km time trial on its arrival, 4km and 3.2km for men and women respectively in workout 3 of the 4 Week Workout Series & even as exercise 12 in the 12 Exercise Of Christmas Workout. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the BikeERG as much as I have!

6. The End Of Year BIG Boot Camp

The End Of Year BIG Boot Camp was the perfect way to finish off a BIG year at Drive Fitness. Seeing 100 of our clients training together & our entire personal training team doing what they do best was one the most satisfying experiences of my 11 years with the business. This was a huge accomplishment by the team and we couldn’t have done it without the team we have right now - thank you to all of you! You can check out some of the action from the BIG Boot Camp here.

I would just like to take this final opportunity to thank everyone for supporting Drive Fitness and being a part of our community during 2018. It has once again been my absolute pleasure & privilege to share the last 12 months with you and I enthusiastically look forward to seeing what we’ll accomplish together next year. I wish you a 2019 filled with amazing fitness results achieved alongside awesome people 🙂

David Eggins | Personal Trainer & Owner at Drive Fitness | dave@drivefitness.com.au