Thank you to everyone who got involved in our first ever Row & Ride Duathlon on Friday 10 May and thanks for making it another amazing Drive Fitness event. We know how hard it is giving 100% on a 250m row & 500m ride with very little rest in between (check out the photos of the trainers after their race if you don’t believe me). We had a great time and we hope you did too. Check out the full results here, full photo gallery on our Facebook page & we look forward to seeing you all at the next Drive Fitness event!

A BIG shoutout to those people that backed up and competed a second time to fill in for teams short on numbers (Graham, Dani, Kate & Gaye) and particularly to Linh for going back to back in consecutive heats!

Congratulations to our Winning Teams who also had to compete twice in the finals!

  • 1st place: Lee, Lauren, Robyn & Ben - 6:12.9

  • 2nd place: David, Matt, Deb & Cath - 6:31.4

  • 3rd place: Andy, Scott, Gaye, Emily - 6:45.1

Check out the full results board below...

Drive Fitness Row & Ride Duathlon 2019 Heat Results

Drive Fitness Row & Ride Duathlon 2019 Final Winners:.Top: Robyn, Mike (Trainer), Robyn. Bottom, Lee, Ben, Sally (Trainer)

Drive Fitness Row & Ride Duathlon 2019 Post Trainers Race