Friends train Free is back - it only comes around twice a year so take advantage of the opportunity and show your friends what Drive Fitness is all about! Bring a friend along with you to any personal training or boot camp session during October 2019 and they can join you absolutely free. There is no limit to how many sessions you can bring the same friend to or how many different friends you can bring along - bring as many friends as you like to as many sessions as you like!

  1. Ask your friend to complete the Drive Fitness Get Started Pack by clicking here.

  2. Let your personal trainer or me (Dave) know that you're bringing a friend to your session - you can email me at OR call on 0402 358 127.

  3. Bring your friend along to as many sessions during October 2019 as you like & have fun!

Thank you for telling your friends about Drive Fitness. We really appreciate it!