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Congratulations Drive Fitness Tough Mudders!

Congratulations Drive Fitness Tough Mudders for surviving Tough Mudder Sunshine Coast on Saturday. All Drive Fitness team members completed the course without injury and from all reports so far the obstacles and fitness component of the event were handled without too much difficulty. This is a credit to your hard work and preparation leading up to the event. Don't be fooled, Tough Mudder is HARD - if you found it comfortable you were just very well prepared to take on and overcome the challenge!

Tough Mudder Team Update: Team Tape to Wear

Tough Mudder is Tomorrow. I hope you're ready! We have green flagging tape for all Drive Fitness team members to tie to a wrist, ankle or both to make it easy for team members to recognise each other. We will be passing it around at the start line from 9:10am. A few reminders below:

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