Eighteen keen souls lined up for a fun and scenic day on our third and final walk for 2013.

We kicked our walk off at The Simpson Falls picnic area and tackled a course that saw us follow the Simpson Falls and Eugenia tracks up through some hilly heart raising terrain to the channel 9 TV station. It was at this stage that trainers decided to issue the unsuspecting, but willing, trekkers with a circuit that consisted of: 50 x push ups, step ups, bench dips and bench squats. A few mutters were heard but all took the challenge on and came through it with flying colours.

We then continued along the steeply descending Jacksonia track, (on the return to become a steeply ascending track), to Gap Creek Reserve for some snacks and refuelling, before following the Quail Trail up to Highwood Road and then retracing our steps back to Simpson Falls.

The trek was challenging but everyone had a good time. We would also like to say extra well done to all trekkers, as there were no complaints when carrying the 10 kilogram weight vest for their allotted time frame or even when we realised that the previously stated 12km course was actually just short of 16km .

Most of the people carrying heart rate or GPS monitors recorded around 1600-1700cal being burned on the day, GREAT JOB!


We would like to thank all of the Drive Fitness clients, family and friends for their participation in our trail walks this year. We are keen to see you all returning for our next trail walk sometime early in 2014.

Happy Trekking.


Nathan Dietrich

Drive Fitness Personal Trainer in Brisbane. Click here to contact.