The 3 Week Burpee Masters Program is back - starting Monday 9 July! This is the perfect way to get a head start preparing for the upcoming 4 Week Workout Series (we all know burpees will make an appearance at some stage throughout the 4 weeks). Free for everyone that trains at Drive Fitness & delivered entirely online through the Drive Fitness app for you to complete anywhere, anytime, no equipment needed. Find out more and register here...

Feared by many, loved by few, respected by everyone. It's not just another exercise, it's an art-form, a thing of beauty when performed perfectly. Like all art-forms the burpee takes dedication & years of training to master and we have developed the 3 Week Burpee Mastery Program to help you on your burpee journey.


  1. Improve your burpee technique & efficiency? 
  2. Improve strength & endurance in the muscles used for performing a burpee - chest, legs, glutes, arms & core?
  3. Improve your fitness & tone up?
  4. Build a habit of exercising regularly?
  5. Take on a new challenge?
  6. Get some extra training in for all those burpees you need to do in the 4 Week Workout Series & Spartan Race!


  • Burpee test at start & finish to bench mark results & monitor improvement. 
  • 6 workouts a week for 3 weeks - all 10 minutes or less aimed to improve your burpee by improving your technique, strength & fitness. 
  • No equipment required, all you need is your body weight. 
  • Online community group for everyone taking part in the program to share progress and support each other.
  • Delivered entirely online with program schedule, workout instructions, exercise videos & more. 
  • FREE for Drive Fitness clients OR ONLY $27 if you're not training face to face with us - purchase here.

If you're unsure if this program is suitable for you or If you'd like to find out more about the 3 Week Burpee Mastery Program please contact me (Dave) on 0402 358 127 or email


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