63 people hit the Bench Press on Friday night at the 11th Annual Drive Fitness Bench Press Challenge. It was the most lifters we've ever had at a Bench Press Challenge & the first time we've enjoyed Friday night drinks at the studio following. Thank you to everyone for getting involved, supporting each other & contributing to the Drive Fitness community - the personal training team and I can't express our gratitude enough. Check out the full results & photo gallery here...

A big congratulations to everyone who achieved a personal best! The most important thing about strength training is that we all recognise we're competing with ourselves, what other people lift is ultimately out of your control. Well done to everyone for the hard work you've put into your training even if you fell short of your target - this happens sometimes - use your results as a bench mark to beat next time and a motivator to improve.

Thank you again for getting involved, we had a great time catching up with everyone and we hope you did too! 


Women's Results


Men's Results