Jared King

Personal Trainer


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Personal Training

  • Advanced Nutrition

  • Certificate 1 in Boxing Coaching

  • First Aid & CPR 


  • Over 10 years of personal training and group fitness experience.

  • Experience instructing large groups including outdoor boot camp, fitness boxing, body weight programs, kettlebells, high intensity interval training (HIIT) & circuit training.

  • Has achieved personal weight loss of over 50kg & competed in natural body building and now specialises in helping clients lose weight, reshape, feel better and improve their lifestyles. 

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What Are Jared’s Clients Saying?


“I lost 14.9kg and 10.3% of body fat in 10 weeks. I am now at a point where I can focus on my next challenge... Taking on an individual triathlon in 2018”* - Scott


“I’ve been with Drive Fitness for just over 5 years now. As my goals have changed we have adjusted my strength & conditioning program to suit. What I’ve really enjoyed about my time at Drive Fitness is the atmosphere, support & encouragement of the team.”* - Lisa


“I originally came to Drive Fitness to improve my strength, for weight loss & for my self confidence. This has now grown into me completing obstacle, course races, long distance running & the Drive Fitness strength challenges. My greatest achievements at Drive Fitness are losing 10kg, going from a size 36 to 32 inch waist and completing trifecta spartan races.”* - Peter


“I recently took on the Drive Fitness 10 Week Transformation Challenge and achieved a weight loss of 17kg. In addition to this I have increased my overall strength and improved my lifting technique.”* - Jacob


“I am so excited that I lost 6kg during the Drive Fitness 10 Week Transformation Challenge. I had to buy new clothes as mine don't fit anymore, the best feeling.”* - Tania