Nathan Dietrich

Carina Studio Manager | Personal Trainer


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Personal Training

  • Certificate in Explosive Lifting

  • Certificate in Lower Body Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

  • Certificate in Client Assessment & Biomechanics

  • First Aid & CPR 


  • Over 14 years industry experience including health club supervisor and personal trainer.

  • Previously represented NSW and Australia in triathlon and as a result appreciate & understand the mentality and commitment required for my clients to achieve their health, fitness & weight control goals.

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What Are Nathan’s Clients Saying?


“I lost 22.5% of my body weight in 8 months for my wedding. Achieving my results has had a positive domino effect on all aspects of my life.”* - Kelly


“I'm a sixty five year old man and for men that age it is not an easy decision to go to a gym where the clientele often consists of much younger, fitter and better looking people. In this gym [Drive Fitness personal training studio] I feel completely at ease. Over the last year I have lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of strength and fitness. Overall I feel a lot more balanced and happy.”* - Jan


“Late last year I competed in the Pan Pacific Masters Games and won Gold in the 60m, 100m, 200m and Silver in the 400m Athletic Sprints. The motivation, dedication and commitment to my training that Nathan provided was above anything that I was expecting.”* - Justin


“During the 2015 challenge I lost 11kg. The challenge really provided my with the motivation and drive (pun intended!) to lose my ‘baby’ weight, and improve my fitness levels without it seeming like a chore. I can’t adequately express how much better I feel, it makes me feel more like myself again!”* - Cass