Congratulations to everyone who took on the first ever Drive Fitness 4 Week Workout Series during July. We had 77 men & 87 women participate in the challenge - we hope everyone took something positive away from it. Check out the results here...

We went out of our way to test your limits with the 4 workouts by planing everything that little bit harder than your typical personal training session. This year's 4 Week Workout Series included:

Your final score is calculated by adding your places from all 4 workouts together - the lowest total score wins. We are only announcing places for the top 5 men and women online but we can email your results or let you know  at your next personal training session.

Next year's 4 Week Workout Series will feature 4 completely new workouts aimed to test your strength, fitness & technique. Keep up the great training!

Well done to our top 5! 


  1. Mike Nugus 
  2. Darren Taylor
  3. Will Lebihan 
  4. George Samios
  5. David McDougall


  1. Lisa Duncan 
  2. Claire Benham 
  3. Belinda Sutherland 
  4. Lauren Blake 
  5. Katie Verner