Jacob Dunningham

Personal Trainer


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Personal Training

  • First Aid & CPR 

  • Level 2 Basketball Coach


  • 5 years fitness industry experience personal training and instructing group fitness sessions.

  • Has personally competed in multiple physique competitions (IFBB Men's Physique) and specialises in body recomposition having personally helped many male and female competitors through comp preparations.

  • Passionate about helping clients transform their body composition by building muscle mass and losing body fat through either face to face personal training or online coaching.

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What Are Jacob’s Clients Saying?


“I lost 20kg of body fat & gained 1.3kg of muscle mass in 10 weeks and I’ve seen improvements aerobically and in my strength. I’m feeling excited about my results and looking forward to the next challenge.”* - David


"I lost 5.7kg of body fat & gained 600g of muscle. I've also learnt so much more about what I'm eating and my nutrition & how to balance that properly and to know that it's not always good to eat less and less food, you have to feed your body the right food for the exercise that you're doing. I'm really proud of myself, my friends are proud of me, my family is proud of me and I just feel so healthy and so good about life."* - Wendy


“I’ve enjoyed watching my family benefit from training. We train together sometimes or even individually. For me seeing them reach their goals has been a big plus, I’ve enjoyed watching them succeed with what they want to do.”* - Max


"I've been training at Drive Fitness for over 10 years and during that time I have improved my health, strength & fitness significantly. I have achieved a personal best 72.5kg bench press & 140kg dead lift and I'm still looking for more.”* - John