Jindalee Studio Manager | Personal Trainer


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Specialising in Sport Science)

  • Advance Diploma in Exercise Prescription

  • Diploma in Sports Management and Exercise Prescription

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Personal Training

  • First Aid & CPR


  • Over 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry including personal training/group training/ boot camps/ high performance (athlete) training/ Injury rehabilitation.

  • Played soccer for 17 years, currently playing in the Brisbane Premier League. Coached for 6 years of various levels.

  • Interested in helping people get fit & strong and involved in exercise related events to help reach there desired goals.

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What Are Michael’s Clients Saying?


“The thing I’ve enjoyed most about training at Drive Fitness is being able to achieve my goal of doing 10 push ups on my toes - that was really exciting for me. The other this is getting back my self-confidence especially after having 2 kids it made me feel like my old self again and that was really valuable to me.”* - Jodi


“In the 6 months since May 2017 I have lost over 20kg, starting at 114.5kg and currently sitting at 92.5kg. This is one of the biggest changes I have made in my life and I won’t go back.”* - Ben


“During the 10 week challenge this year, I dropped a further 2 dress sizes, shed 4.8kg of fat and gained 400g of muscle. I would highly recommend the 10 week challenge as a program to transform your health, retrain your habits and learn to make better lifestyle choices."* - Robyn

“We found that exercising together we managed to spend more time with each other. I gained a new friendship group and the people that I train with have become really close friends. Drive Fitness & the whole team has just completely changed the way I see exercise in my life.”* - Laetitia & Peter


"Raising a 3, 2 & 1 year old, running a house hold and working part time I was suddenly more time poor than I could have ever imagined. I needed to make significant but sustainable change in my exercise and eating habits but I lacked the time, understanding and application to do it on my own. The 10 Week Transformation Challenge gave me all the tools I needed to make these changes. I lost 5kg of fat (7.7% of body fat) and gained 1.9kg of muscle.”* - Danielle


“Not only have I surpassed my original goal and lost 6.3 kilos (8.4% body fat) but I can now run 5km, do 15 consecutive push-ups and I can even do 2 chin-ups unassisted!”* - Brooke


“Drive Fitness has far exceeded any expectation I had coming into it. I’ve increased overall endurance and physical strength."* - Chantal