Personal Trainer


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Personal Training

  • MovNat Level 1 

  • Currently studying for AMN Coach Certification (Applied Movement Neurology)

  • Currently enrolled in Movement Restoration Coach

  • First Aid & CPR


  • Over 5 years experience working within the fitness industry across a variety of roles including personal training, group training, outdoor boot camps and school sports coaching.

  • Highly technical strength and conditioning training with an emphasis on longevity - an approach formed from principles of strength, endurance, mobility & general movement practice. 

  • Training emphasis on prevention/rehabilitation methods to improve movement quality and the general well-being of my clients with methods based on restoring muscular imbalances and exploring the commanding role of the central nervous system; how to hack the system and improve strength & flexibility.

  • Personal interest in my own strength & conditioning with best lifts including; 225kg Deadlift @ 77.5kg, 170kg Squat @ 78kg & 130kg Bench @ 78kg.

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What Are Jesse’s Clients Saying?


“Why has it taken me 67 years to find out that I can enjoy a great Shiraz and a mouthwatering eye fillet and at the same time remain healthy? Just don’t have one every night. No one ever told me that or maybe I just didn’t want to listen. I achieved a weight loss of 7.4kg, fat loss of 7.3kg & a % Fat Loss 4.5%. I am diabetic type 2 and these past 3 months have improved my condition as well. There is still a long way to go but I am proud of the effort I have put in these past 3 months and for the first time in ages I feel comfortable in my skin and my clothes.”* - Rob


"At almost 46 years of age I feel the most energetic, alert and strongest than I have ever been in my life. I have learnt that your mindset is reflective of how you treat the body system you live in."* - Prue


“After all these years I love that I have maintained my size and weight but mostly I love the strength of mind I get from believing that I am strong and agile. This mental strength has seen me challenge myself and succeed in climbing a mountain and participating in a trail run this year.”* - Louise


“My cardio fitness and muscle strength have both improved a lot. My weight has also gone from the mid 80 kilos to the mid 70 kilos. There is a wide variety of exercises, some more enjoyable than others, but I am really happy with my results.”* - Mark


“I lost over 6 kgs, my fitness dramatically improved but most importantly my self belief and confidence was found! Nothing compares to the support and motivation you will receive from the Drive Fitness trainers and community.”* - Shaz


“In this most recent 10 Week Transformation Challenge I managed to drop a further 10.3kg and get myself to a weight I have not been for many years. I've learned about how the body works & how exercise & diet work together.”* - Shayne